Fools Errand

The Black Chapbook

In this first publication from new imprint Fool’s Errand, available in an initial limited run of 666x signed & numbered copies, Rob Rider Hill offers up a three-month-plus-a-bit model of introductory magical exercises, from basic meditation all the way to spirit evocation.

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Paying tribute to the punk ethos and small-press publications that enchanted the author in his youth, this visually arresting text is an exercise in simplicity, both in its aesthetic, and in the stubbornly stripped back methods it describes.

The first edition of 666x signed & numbered copies is available for £6.66 +postage, and if it proves popular a second edition will be made available to bookshops.

Quotes from some famous authors who haven’t read it:

just an undercoat of magic…
  – Nick Farrell, author of “Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic”

if you can find a way to send it back in time to twelve year old me, I’m in…
  – Howard David Ingham, author of “We Don’t Go Back: A Watcher’s Guide to Folk Horror”

Quotes from some famous authors who have:

when I taught high school, students often asked me to recommend witch books.  I wish Rob Rider Hill’s “The Black Chapbook” had been out then – it’s the perfect magical primer for witchblooded youngsters, curious teens, or young-at-heart grown ups looking to shake things up.  I loved the content, which is thoughtful, well-arranged and easy to implement.  That being said, the colors and layout are pretty hard on my old-lady eyes.  I may be young souled, but my trifocals are not…
  – Sara Mastros, author of “The Orphic Hymns Grimoire”

it reminds me of the kind of magic I want to teach… brilliant, a great place to begin… it touches on all the parts of the human experience that a magician needs to be mindful of… the colors and fonts look like you asked a twelve year old on glue fumes for their best opinions…
  – Joshua Gadbois (Rufus Opus), author of “Seven Speres” and “The Goetic Grimoire”

Simon Dyda, famous author of modern occult classic “Ars Rosaria: The Rosary Art of Conjuration” said he’d read it and get back to me with some comments and then when I sent him the pdf he blocked me.