The coffee

Heavy metal inspired coffee, freshly ground and served black using the ‘pour over’ method to give depth and flavour. The pour over method involves pouring water through coffee grounds in a filter, it accentuates flavours when compared to other brewing methods. It is perfect for single origin coffees as it allows the flavours and aromas to shine. What sets the pour over method apart is that it is made by hand-pouring the water over the coffee, at Raven Records we call it our ritual.   

Our range of coffee is supplied by the polish black metal band Behemoth, with their outstanding 100% arabica bean coffee and the Liverpool based Black Coffee Worship with their high-quality range of black metal inspired single origin and coffee blends, guaranteed to kick start your morning or your night out!

The tea

Occult based tea from the Black Prism Tea Company. They combine the highest quality estate teas, made by masters, with independent artwork and original occult-influenced blends. All packaged with the intention of bringing great tea to a new audience. We stock a full range of their black, green and herbal teas, super high quality and delicious, an alternative tea experience!