Heavy metal record shop, coffee shop and alcohol-free bar in the heart of Camden Town, London.

We are the world’s first heavy metal alcohol free bar.

Welcome to the conspiracy

About the shop

Launched in November 2023, Raven Records was the vision of owners Ben Dean and Chloe Marlow who wanted to create a specialist metal record shop with space to socialise that wasn’t solely focused on the consumption of alcohol. Ben is a recovering alcoholic (16 years of no drinking and counting) and runs a secular twelve-step programme for those recovering from addiction. 

Both Ben and Chloe have been involved with the music scene for a long time, Chloe working as a professional DJ in the 2000’s and Ben working in music A&R around the same time. Raven Records also hosts album launch events, band signings and recovery meetings and serves as a community hub for the metal and alternative communities.

Owners Chloe Marlow and Ben Dean

Heavy metal vinyl

The shop stocks an extensive range of new metal vinyl with a focus on both mainstream and niche products and exclusives. Stock includes vinyl from a vast spectrum of heavy metal genres, from the bands that started the genre right through to the different sub-genres and all the way to the extreme and experimental forms of metal. Genres include black, death, thrash, doom, power, NWOBHM, shock, metalcore, groove, gothic, glam, sleaze, progressive industrial and more. So, if its metal and we like it, we sell it!


Pour over coffee

Heavy metal inspired coffee, freshly ground and served black using the ‘pour over method’ to give depth and flavour. The range of coffee is supplied by the polish black metal band Behemoth, with their outstanding 100% arabica bean coffee and the Liverpool based Black Coffee Worship with their high-quality range of black metal inspired coffee, guaranteed to kick start your morning or your night out!

Alcohol free bar

Offering a full range of 0.0% abv alcohol free drinks for those who choose not to drink, want to drink less or just want a night away from the temptations of alcohol, all hosted in an alternative-style venue. The bar offers seven types of alcohol-free whiskey, along with gin, vodka, tequila and botanical and mood enhancing spirits. Stocking a full range of 0.0% beers and ciders, including beer from independent craft brewers Brulo and Nirvana, along with 0.0% products from Guinness, Stella, Corona and Peroni and Heineken 0.0 on draft. Further, we stock a full range of Liquid Death products along with CBD and mood enhancing drinks from brands Trip, Goodrays and Peak. 

Lucifer Lounge

In addition to its extensive selection of metal vinyl, Raven Records hosts regular events, including album launches, talks and artist meet-and-greets in its dedicated ‘hell’ themed basement area. The newly refurbished basement provides a private space for hire, with the potential to host VIP events, press interviews (audio and visual) and photoshoots. The space is open to the public to enjoy when not hired, meaning fans can get a chance to sit on the throne where their music idols have been interviewed and take photos with the iconic six-foot St. Peters cross hanging on the wall.


Our vision

Musicians should be paid fairly for their contribution

  • We will work with independent record labels, distributors and producers
  • We will provide a space for unsigned bands to promote their music

Social spaces don’t always have to revolve around alcohol

  • We will provide an alternative to pubs, bars and restaurants that rely on alcohol for their business model
  • We will be a front runner in terms of stocking 0.0% non-alcoholic products
Community spaces should cater for all walks of life
  • We will provide space for secular recovery groups to host meetings
  • We will offer a place for the metal community to meet and socialise

Consumers should have better, more relevant choices aligned with their lifestyle

  • We will promote independent coffee and tea producers
  • We will offer a wide variety of metal genres and not specialise in one sub genre